Find clarity and maintain a consistent path to attain your vision!

SIT WITH NICK is a one-on -one interactive experience. 


Are you a stressed out heart centered entrepreneur who is attempting to overcome doubt while balancing time, finances, and your passion of serving? You have all the talent and skill but are watching others prosper in the way you are dreaming about. Or maybe you are already succeeding, yet desire more?  There is nothing "wrong" with you. There is nothing to add. Authentic power and everything you need is within you. You just need to tap into it. 


For thirty years I have been a flourishing creative, heart centered entrepreneur and spiritual teacher.  There are tools and techniques I have learned to keep me connected to my highest self as I continually evolve, grow, and thrive.  Now I want to offer them to you.


We will utilize traditional, proven techniques drawing upon a 4,000-year lineage passed on to me by my teachers, plus innovative and sustainable methods for reaching achievement. These takeaway tools will bring clarity and are designed so you can kick start, then maintain a consistent path to reaching your goals and fulfilling your life's vision. You are likely thinking that you’ve tried coaching before or you can’t stick to a schedule, you don’t have the time for a ‘practice.’ However, you haven’t had the opportunity to have one created specifically for YOU by someone who doesn’t just talk about it, but lives it. Together, we will overcome your hindering obstacles, get clear on your vision, create balance, and align you with your soul's purpose.

What Is This Experience?

1. Sessions to build trust and map out a plan for your business and/or your spirit.

2. A created for YOU practice with and accountability touch points.

3. Follow-up sessions to check in on your progress and implement changes both practically and energetically.

What else?

Unlimited email and voxer access to me and my team for questions for the duration.

Accountability text check-ins.

I energetically hold your goals and vision in my personal meditations.

 Set up FREE 15 minute call 


"Choosing to work with Nick privately has been one of the most rewarding decisions I’ve ever made. He has tested me, challenged me, inspired me, but most importantly helped me figure out how to really see me for myself. Nick has a way of making me realize what is already there and because of that I’ve become a more confident, successful version of myself."

Megan Eaton
Owner, Find Your You

"Nick is super present. He is intuitive, clear and concise and speaks to my truth. When I work with him I always have these aha! moments where I’m like “oh, my gosh I din’t think of that in that way – mind blown!"

Vanessa Lauren Gamble
Theater, Film and Television Actor

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