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A guided meditation related to the monthly focus including pranayama (breath work) so you can tap into your subconscious to make your conscious day flow.


A monthly focus with a creativity practice and corresponding mantra designed to open you up and get you producing. 


Practical, actionable steps to advance your platform and career, based on my experience and the experience of other industry leaders.


Discounts—10% off all my digital courses, early bird access to new courses, and 10% off all in-person events.
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If you keep going after your creative dreams in the same old way you will reach burn out, you'll never be satisfied, nor will you work at the level and make the money you desire. I'm here to tell you that you are worthy of self-care, your artist is important and you can make money with your creative passions. 

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When you’re a struggling creative, it’s hard to justify the $200+ a month this would likely cost, even if you know it’ll level up your career. I was there once, too. Which is why, instead of offering all of this training and support and guidance for $200+ a month, I’m offering you the chance to get in as a founding member for just…$19 a month.  And, for only $1 for the first month!

Your chance to get into Conscious Creators as a founding member and at the $19/month price ends Monday, March 25th at 9pm, Pacific time.

And to be clear, I’ll never offer this founders-only price again. So if you’re truly ready to level up your creative career, to finally step into the life that your soul has been calling you to…
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