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This site will offer you tools and techniques, honor ancient spiritual traditions while formulating new ones, and help you connect with your intuition and creativity so you can masterfully tell your personal brand stories. 

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Nick Demos is a Tony Award winning producer, filmmaker, and soul aligned business coach. 

With over a decade of teaching meditation and yoga as well as over twenty-five years in the entertainment industry, he has travelled from the Tony Awards to ashrams and run a million dollar business in between.
 Nick is here to to help you tap into your creative intuition and to form structured strategies so you can tell your stories and end your business struggles.

Conscious Creatives

A monthly membership community of self-care and creative play for the soul-centered entrepreneur. With creativity tools and ancient spiritual techniques reduce stress and find joy in your business and every daily life!

Real Stories That Sell

Overcome fear surrounding marketing and stand out authentically with storytelling so your personal brand connects with your audience and converts to sales.


Illumination: Aligned Soulpreneur

This is a high level, high touch group coaching program for soul-centered online entrepreneurs to build and scale their businesses. This is by application only. Email nick@thenickdemos.com for more details

Sit With Nick

Find clarity and maintain a consistent path to attain your vision. This is a one-on-one interactive spiritual and business coaching experience.  By application only. Email nick@thenickdemos.com for pricing packages and details.

"Nick Demos is a gifted soul. He turns his mind and heart fruitfully in myriad directions. Deeply grounded in spiritual practice, he is an inspirational leader."

Julia Cameron – author, The Artist’s Way

"I came to Nick to help with some creative blocks I was having when teaching. I have seen tremendous growth in the way I tune into myself and am able to work through and overcome challenges. I've earned 11x's what I thought was even possible! Nick has been a guide. Never giving me the answers, but rather showing me ways that bring me to realize them myself. Choosing this path has been one of the best choices I’ve ever made."

Megan Eaton – Owner, Find Your You

You are inherently creative. Tap into it, and you will be unstoppable!


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